Book Review- A Little Princess

Hiya! So, yeah. Skipping the excuses and explanations now….but you’ll notice, my writing blog, A Notebook One Pen and Me has more quality posts, more frequently, and has new pages and a new theme that WordPress refers to as “Spirit”. I have recently been reading many books, but one that I have read quite recently is…

A Little Princess


Written by: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Summary: Sara Crewe is an intelligent and imaginative girl, left at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies as her father is needed for war. Her father makes sure that she is everything of a princess- beautiful dolls, a splendid room, and dresses of royalty. But suddenly, she is left penniless and is banished into the attic of this school where she must work for her living. If only she could still be a princess inside…

Rating: 4.8/5

Now,  that was a short post…but I didn’t want spoilers. So there you go. It is a really great book and I recommend reading it. If you’ve got any books you recommend, let me know in the comments or on this page. Don’t forget to check out my writing blog.



Scholastic Books!

2 days ago, my teacher, Mrs. Cernadas gave us the flyers to order books. My mom ordered these books for me:

My Side of the Mountain

An Elephant in the Garden

Old Wolf

What I Came to Tell You

In September, she had ordered all 8 books of Harry Potter. I am looking forward to reading these books!
Bye; I have to go now!

Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Slytherins: Which House Am I In, What is My Patronus, and What is my wand length?

Image result for ravenclaws             Image result for gryffindor house   Image result for hufflepuff                  Image result for slytherin

I’m a Ravenclaw!

My patronus is a Hedgehog!

Image result for hedgehog


My wand contains:

Picture of wand
Black Walnut wood, a Unicorn hair core, it is 12 ¼” in length, and has Hard flexibility.


“Less common than the standard walnut wand, that of black walnut seeks a master of good instincts and powerful insight. Black walnut is a very handsome wood, but not the easiest to master. It has one pronounced quirk, which is that it is abnormally attuned to inner conflict, and loses power dramatically if its possessor practices any form of self-deception.”

From Pottermore.

My Ilvermorny house:


Pukwudgie traits

Represents the heart. Favours healers.



How about you? What’s your…

Hogwarts house?


Wand length?

Ilvermorny house?


Let me know in the comments below! And remember, Pottermore is the place to go!



Harry Potter: This or That?

Here is a fun This or That Harry Potter post!

A Notebook, One Pen, And Me

  1. Harry Potter Image result for harry potter or Ron Weasley ?Image result for ron weasley

2. Hermione Granger

Image result


Ginny Weasley?

Image result for ginny weasley chamber of secrets

3. Which Hogwarts house do you think you belong in?

4. What is your patronus?

5. What is your favorite class at Hogwarts?

6. Professor Snape: do you think he is a hero or a villain? Why?


  1. What is Harry Potter’s patronus?
  2. Hermione Granger is a ____________.(house)
  3. Professor ___________ is the head of Gryffindor house.
  4. Professor _____________ is the head of Slytherin house.
  5. Name 3 characters other than Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger that are in the Order of the Pheonix.
  6. Bellatrix Lestrange is a ____________.
  7. Harry’s owl’s name is ______________.
  8. Scabbers is actually __________.
  9. True or false: Voldemort called Peter Pettigrew Wormtail.
  10. True or false: Cho Chang is a Ravenclaw.

Let me know your answers in the comments below! Your patronus and house can be found at Pottermore.


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When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.

Hell0 everyone!

It is almost Halloween! I am going to be Princess Snow White. This post is going to be about books you must read on Halloween. You should click the link of each book cover. It will take you to a description.


  1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 15881

2. The Witches       6327

3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas 113946

4. The Witch of Blackbird Pond 703292

5. Night Bird 18516113

Recently Reading…

A Notebook, One Pen, And Me

I know… I know… it has been a long time since my last post. I have been busy with schoolwork, which brings me to a point. We have been typing CEWs quiet often, and reading with meaning, thinking about characters, relationships, symbols… and more. In case you have no idea what a CEW is, it is simply, C for Claim, E for Evidence, and W for Warrant or why you think something. I have been doing my CEWs on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Yes, I know. I have only started the series. But I have been enjoying the series.

cp1427-harry-potter-and-the-sorcerers-stone-lithoBooks I read over the summer:

61vcplw15el This book is about two mice, Tumtum and Nutmeg, who are rich mice with a grand house called Nutmouse Hall. They want to help 2 poor children, Arthur and Lucy Mildew, who live in Rose Cottage. (They live by the drawer of the…

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Letters From Camp finished! Review to come soon…

Hello bookworms!
I am so happy that I am able to post even during my vacation. So I finished Letters From Camp  by Kate Klise, but right now I am using my dad’s computer and not mine so I have to be careful not to delete this site.

Anyways thanks for reading, and I’ll have a review ready for the book soon! Till then, please recommend your favorite books at this page on my website: Recommend A Book…

Thank you!

Start of August + I got a new book from the library!

Wow! It is already August! Hello bloggers!

I wasn’t able to post yesterday because I posted to my home blog: My Summer Blog to celebrate my 1 year blogging anniversary! Actually that is supposed to be on 5th August, however we are leaving for our travels so I thought to post early on my blog! You can go check that post out over at my summer blog.

Welcoming August, we all should be prepared to read more and for a good school year. So today from the library, I got the book Letters from Camp by Kate Klise to read as I thought that the back of the cover looked very interesting. I am not sure if I will able to post when I am away, but if I am, after I finish reading the book, I’ll post a review, or when I come back.

Welcome August and enjoy your vacations if you are going somewhere! Be sure to let others know in the comments where you are going and when you get back, how did you like it.

Bye for now everyone and remember to keep reading!

Blizzard (my stuffed owl)



Researching Information- Tips With Saanvi

Are you doing a research project? Here are some very helpful tips to help you with your project. Read this post!

A Notebook, One Pen, And Me

Hi writers, readers, and bloggers! In this post, I want to share with you some tips on how to be a good researcher because often, it is hard to find the information you are looking for, and the information you find overwhelms you. But today, I would like to share with you some very important steps to take before you start researching.research_zone

Researching Steps/ Tips- Get Information, and The Right Sources 

  1. First things first, remember to go to the library to get some useful books on your topic. You can ask your librarian to help you find some good books on the subject if you don’t know where they are located. If your library has an online catalog that gives you information on what kinds of books and copies are available, that is great too!
  2. If you are going to use the internet, be careful! Websites with the ending .com…

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